A black and white image of Shannon DeLong leaning on wall wearing a graphic scarf gently smiling at camera
This is me. During our first trip to New York together. Pretending it's not weird to take photos in the Met.

I love my job.

Sure, people say that, but how often do they really mean it? I, Shannon DeLong, truly mean it.

My love for wedding photography started when I was just 18 and started working at a jewelry store in college. I was exposed to the high of the excitement of couples getting engaged, and starting their journeys together. Creating those relationships, and being a part of that special time in their lives really stuck with me. Seeing the beautiful photographs clients would share with me after their wedding made me swoon. Deep down I wanted to create something so beautiful.

I was always drawn to photography, but I stayed focused studying biology during my first few years in college. Life takes twists and turns, as we all know, and at 20 I suddenly found myself on death's doorstep. Luckily, I survived, but I'm left with a permanent lung disability. This type of shock makes the fragility of life a lot more clear. So I changed my major to Visual Communications, a hybrid of graphic design and photography, to follow my creative passions.

After 6 years working as a graphic designer and photographer in the corporate world life took another turn. I was unexpectedly was laid off. By that time, I had already been shooting weddings on the side for a couple of years, and felt it's where I'd be truly happiest. I decided to take my part time business into full time, and I've never looked back.

My love for weddings is a living breathing passion, born and continued by my love of a good story, a craving for beautiful things, and the never ending stunning designs this industry creates. It's my job, and my privilege to photograph those divine moments so you can cherish them for years to come.

Black and white image of Tim and Shannon DeLong of DeLong Photography in Riverfront Park park smiling at the camera
This is us. Pretending it's not weird to take our own photos. In a crowded public park.

Although I may be at the forefront of this business, I certainly don't run it alone. My wonderful husband, Tim, is the entire reason I have been able to follow my dreams. Tim and I met in college, and both switched to the same major, the same semester. Fate, perhaps? We like to think so.

With a background in fine arts and graphic design, photography was another creative medium that just came naturally to Tim. His artistic eye, and depth of knowledge make him not only an excellent photographer and designer, but a great teacher, sounding board, and more. But, let's talk about being calm under pressure- this guy can keep his cool even in the most stressful of times.

With a combined 15+ years experience, we are confident we can provide you with excellent service and timeless photographs. As a team, we ensure every wedding has sufficient coverage, and every client's needs are met.

Personal Life

love my job. Working on and in my business can be overwhelming, stressful, and unrelentingly hard but it brings me so much joy. Partly because I feel so lucky to follow my dreams, and partly because I am proud of all of the hard work it has taken to get here. It's hard to talk about my personal life without the business side because they're so deeply intertwined.

I also love other things, including just about any comedy movie, Game of Thrones, animal documentaries, high fashion, zoos and aquariums, reading way longer than I'm supposed to (just one more page!), learning foreign languages (currently on Japanese), 90's music (I love Matchbox 20), traveling, cooking and baking, true crime, theme parks (just don't make me get on drop rides), and everything about living in our new awesome city Charlotte, NC.

We are also people who love a cat. Crazily, deeply, and with so many snuggles.
We are also people who love a cat. Crazily, deeply, and with so many snuggles.

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