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10 Fall Wedding Trends for 2019 and 2020

Moody reception image illustrating fall trends for 2019 and 2020 in regard to weddings
Don’t you just love these moody hues? This matched with the pop of tan linen fabric on the table is right on trend for fall weddings.

Fall Wedding Trends for 2019/2020

Fall has quickly replaced the summer as the peak season for weddings. More and more couples are opting for this cozy colorful season. Thanks to couples who think outside the box, trust their event designer/planner, and are a bit daring, wedding trends are made. Trends are constantly changing, and while some trends may come and go, others are around for the long haul. We are swooning over these 10 inspiring fall trends that are sure to be a hit not only this fall but through the fall of 2020.

Marvelous Lighting

While string lights and candles aren’t going anywhere soon, choosing noteworthy lighting tops current fall trends. We’re talking, “mixed pendants, exposed bulbs, fringed masterpieces, mini lampshades and capiz shell chandeliers.” Choosing lighting with varying sizes, textures, and colors makes your wedding incredibly memorable. Whether it’s lanterns or neon lights, it’s all easily rentable.

Tall and Tapered Candles

This trend is tied for the most noted trend. As mentioned above, candles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They instantly provide a romantic ambiance to any event. This year and next year’s fall trend are candles that are tall in stature, and tapered in display. You can easily create visual interest by using candelabras in various heights and shapes. Using modern candlesticks will also add an updated, warm feel. As noted several times in my research, be mindful of when the candles are lit. You don’t want them to burn out too quickly.

Moody Tones

This might seem like a no-brainer, but moody hues and jewel tones are BIG for fall weddings. Be sure to think outside the box too. Orange, red, and yellow aren’t the only colors of fall. “Squid ink, midnight blue, emerald and rich burgundies are everything right now—regardless of the season.” Lavenders, stone blues, and greens are all stunning fall colors.

Hanging Florals

Couples are now stretching their dollars by thinking outside the box when it comes to florals. Hanging florals from the ceiling really takes the space to new heights (get it?) This can stretch dollars because simple hanging greenery, whether from the ceiling, or perhaps a large wreath at the ceremony, doesn’t cost as much as massive arrangements. Think about how you’d like to “wow” your guests, and turn your event space into something out of a dream!

Velvet Everything

If you’re fashion-forward, you know that velvet has been making a comeback. In the wedding industry, velvet has been a strong fall wedding trend for the past few years. This rich, plush texture is the ultimate fall accent. It amplifies the coziness of the season, and its texture is visually appealing. “Scatter this rich fabrication throughout your table setting, furniture, and fashion styling for a look that is perfectly posh and seasonally appropriate.” (Source).

Colorful Groom Attire

This one is pretty exciting. The traditional black or navy suits are no longer the only colors most of us see. Grooms have been unafraid to show some of their personality in their attire in recent years, and we are here for it! The most popular color for fall grooms attire is burgundy, but don’t be confined by it! Grooms are now not only wearing pops of color, but adding patterns to their suit jackets, and including the lining, in every color combination imaginable.

Layering Textures

I’m a huge fan of using texture in designs. To me it adds a whole other layer of enjoyment. Using linen, the aforementioned velvet, or any other fabric that isn’t the standard cotton gives depth and warmth. That being said, it doesn’t have to involve fabrics. You can also add texture by using clay pottery, wood, or stone chargers, or use these materials as accents in décor. Let your imagination run wild!

Natural Beauty

While glam make-up can obviously be beautiful, natural hair and make-up are on-trend. This doesn’t just mean day-of either! “Microblading to perfect your brows and micro-needling to boost bridal glow are among the most popular [treatments leading up to the wedding day]. Hairstyles are also following suit with messy buns, natural curls and unfussy updos.” (Source).

Painterly Portraits

This trend has been sparked by the wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle. Images taken in parlors, study’s, libraries, ballrooms, or any room with a victorian feel is what we’re talking about. “Great lighting paired with notable architecture and decor that helps to tell your wedding’s story will naturally make for elegant, picturesque portraits. Consider a Duchess-worthy ball gown, Victorian-inspired neckline, or another fashion-centric detail to highlight your personal style, or even more regal vibes.” (Source).

Elevating the Outdoors

Barn weddings are still all the rage. Outdoor weddings in general are still very popular. When it comes to fall trends, the cool temps and colorful scenery calls for outdoor events. What’s on-trend is elevating your outdoor event. “Think custom, handmade parasols over vintage chandeliers; use colored taper candles to create a moody, yet whimsical vibe; and, use fine china and luxe textiles outdoors to give them a less-stuffy feel.” (Source).

I hope you found this post enjoyable! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Black and white image of Tim and Shannon DeLong of DeLong Photography in Riverfront Park park smiling at the camera

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