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6 Ways to Include Your Groom in Wedding Planning

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How to Include Your Groom

While it might seem like wedding planning should fall on the bride, including the groom is important. The day is about both of you, despite magazines, movies, etc putting the focus on the bride. We’ve put together 6 ways to include your groom in the planning process, which in case you don’t realize, takes some pressure off of you taking on everything yourself.

And if you’re a groom reading this, no you can’t get away with the “She can plan whatever she wants. I’m just going to show up when and where she tells me” mentality. You are creating a partnership in life, and it all starts now.

1) Ask What He Values

Everyone has preferences. Ask him what things are most important to him when it comes to the wedding day. You just might be surprised at what he says! He just might care greatly about something you didn’t have as a priority. Those types of tasks can easily be handed off to him. Making a list of what you both find important will also help you determine what tasks he might enjoy, or at the very least get completed quickly because it matters to him.

2) Have Him Seat His Side of the Guest list

He most likely knows best who gets along with whom when it comes to his family and friends. It just makes sense for him to decide the seating arrangements. With you both seating your respective guests, the workload is split 50/50. This task will get done much faster, with less stress – win/win!

3) Have Him Choose His Groom’s Cake

If you’re having a groom’s cake at the rehearsal or the reception, let him choose the design. This is one of the easiest ways to include your groom. This gives him a chance to have a little fun, and it lets guests see a part of his personality. If he wants a cake the shape of a giant bass or a Braves logo, let him do it!

4) Have Him Attend the Tastings

This is hands down one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, and that’s not to say it’s just fun for the guys. Make sure he goes with you to all of the tastings – cake, catering, and cocktail. It’s delicious and fun, and having his input for the final menus is imperative.

5) Have Him Choose His Groomsmen’s Gifts

This might seem obvious to some, but oftentimes brides take care of this just trying to get things off of the to-do list. Allow your groom to research and choose what he feels his guys would like best. No need to take this task on yourself.

6) Let Him Choose the Transportation

Who doesn’t like riding around in a fancy car? When pondering how you can include your groom, generally speaking, guys tend to be into this type of thing. So let him have fun! Many transportation companies have unique options like vintage Rolls-Royces or London cabs. If he’s really into cars, he may want to find someone with a particular car to rent rather than go with a limo company. This is another thing off the to-do list, and he will most likely enjoy handling it!

I hope you found this post helpful, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! Happy planning!

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