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3 DIY Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

DIY Wedding

If you’ve been blessed with the gift of being crafty, which is a gene I so did not get, then taking on some DIY wedding projects might sound tantalizing. But before you start filling up your virtual, or physical, shopping cart, look at the quick tips below. I’ve scoured the internet to put together the top three “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for a DIY bride.


1) Enlist Help

This was by far the most recommended tip. Brides can tend to become so wrapped up in their wedding day being PERFECT that they don’t want to dole out any of the work. As much as being in control can seem like it’s for the best, it’s typically far worse on you than if you enlisted some help. A DIY lover can quickly become buried in things they want to do/create because of the joy and personalization this can bring. You can still add your personal touch while lowering your stress level by asking an aunt who may have time on her hands, or asking your BFF to come over and help you wax seal your invites while your favorite movie is on. No matter what, don’t try to do it all yourself. It’s a recipe for disaster.

2) Consider the Cost

At first glance, DIY-ing seems like it will save you tons of money. While that can certainly be the case, it’s not always the best use of your time and resources. During my research, I discovered that many DIY brides later realized the monetary cost was marginal. It can easily feel like it was more costly due to the amount of time that was invested. For instance, one bride later said that after the enormous amount of time spent folding all of her paper flowers, she felt it would have been better purchasing small real bouquets instead. Her monetary gain was quite small, but more than anything the time cost was not worth it.

3) Be Realistic About Time

There are only so many hours in a day, right? While your heart may come up with endless ideas, you have to carefully choose which tasks you want to take on. If you’re like most brides, you are not only planning the wedding. You’re likely working full time, trying to maintain a social life, and wanting to catch a few z’s now and then. Annie Lee of Daughter of Design was quoted on DIYnetwork saying, “If you can do it months in advance while you’re watching TV, go for it. If it’s time-sensitive, don’t risk it. And whatever you do, don’t bake.”


Be Afraid to Cheat a Little

You don’t have to force your DIY projects to be 100% made from you. While making everything from scratch can be ideal, remind yourself about the time cost mentioned above. You can easily order your cake to be made in simple white cream, and you just add the embellishments. You can also order tags for favors, and hand tie them to the gift with a pretty ribbon. The presentation of the item will look just as lovely, and your sanity will have been kept in place!

Handle the Catering

Catering for even an intimate wedding takes time, effort, and skill. No matter how much you might love to cook, doing it on your own wedding day is setting yourself up for failure. No one wants to have a bridezilla moment. You don’t need to be worried about checking on a ham, during the middle of hair and make-up. Even if the food all got done on time, keeping it hot when it’s supposed to be served after the ceremony might be impossible. Not to mention, you’d still have to tackle who would be serving the dishes themselves. Catering companies specialize in having the foot cooked, set up, and served fresh. Please don’t do this to yourself!

Handle the Photos

While some of the items above may have been a disaster to handle yourself, this one would be an absolute nightmare. I’m not just saying this because we are in fact professional photographers, but because I care about brides. My heart sinks to my stomach at just the thought of this. While your cousin may be decent behind a camera, weddings are a beast all their own. You don’t want to be disappointed in what you receive later, knowing there’s no rewind button. Your wedding photographs are one of the few tangible pieces you will keep from your wedding day. Sleep easy knowing you’re in good hands, and do all of your efforts justice by hiring a pro.

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