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How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors

How Much to Tip

If you’re like me, tipping your wedding vendors isn’t top of mind while creating your wedding budget. As the day gets closer, you still may not even realize this is customary. You might also be like I was and not know how much to tip, or when it’s appropriate to do so. I’ve put together a few guidelines for you to follow so you can prepare, and avoid any awkward situations.

When to Tip

Some vendors will have gratuity included in their contracts. You’ll want to be sure to check over this detail before planning to tip. The best time to show your appreciation is on the day of the event. You can assign this job to your planner, coordinator, friend or family member (this is a great job for dad!) If you forget to tip day of (which can easily happen), you can always send a “thank you” card with the token of appreciation inside once you’re back from the honeymoon.

How Much to Tip

A general rule for tipping someone who has exceeded your expectations is 10%. However, I’ve cited some more detailed guidelines from so you can plan your tips confidently:

  • Caterers: Check the contract. Many caterers already include a gratuity fee in their contract. “If the gratuity isn’t included, plan on tipping all staff members, including the catering manager, waiters, bartenders, etc. $20-$30 each.”
  • Floral Designer: “A thank you card and a small gift will be perfect; if she is a designer company rather than the owner, you can tip her $30-$50.”
  • Wedding Planner: “A small gift or thank you card is perfect for your planner as well, however, if they really outdid themselves and you’d love to express your gratitude, then feel free to tip her 10% of her fee ($500 at most).”
  • Band or DJ: “Tip each member of the band $20 or $25, and a great DJs get at least $25.”
  • Hair Stylist and Makeup Artists: “Like when you get your hair cut, hairstylists and makeup artists generally receive 15-20% of their fee as a gratuity.”
  • Photographer and Videographer: Most photographers and videographers won’t expect a tip, but if you are quite pleased with their work, consider tipping each person from $50-$200.

I hope you found this post helpful, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! Happy planning!

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