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Why Parent Albums Make the Perfect Gift

Two stacked wedding parent albums from a top-down perspective, implying gift ideas
Parent albums make excellent gift ideas to say “thank you”, “happy holidays” or anything else. We work with the best in the industry to provide exceptional quality, and a long life to a book they’re sure to love! With several materials, colors, and customizable cover options, we’re sure we can create the perfect piece for any parent!

Parent Albums

Typically the parents of the couple getting married are invested in the wedding. Not only by time, but financially too (and sometimes it’s a great deal financially). Couples often struggle with knowing how to show their gratitude to their parents once the wedding is over. We think parent albums make the perfect gift. Read on to find out why!

It’s Personal

Pretty simple, right? Sure, giving a gift card for a nice dinner out or sending them a floral arrangement is nice, but it’s not near as personal. Parent albums let them know you were thinking of them, and wanted to show your gratitude, but most importantly, they know it took effort to make. Those are the kind of gifts that usually mean the most to us. The thought and the effort carry a great deal of meaning!

The Quality

When purchasing a wedding album for yourself or your parents, it’s imperative to do your research. Sure, you can get an album slapped together online in a million places, but if the images are simply laser printed and the paper quality only lasts a few years, did you really spend your money well? We don’t think so either. When purchasing from a professional the albums are intended to last a lifetime (or more!). The paper quality is designed so that the image coloring and crispness look like they were created yesterday, even 70+ years in. A gift like this is long-lasting and more desirable than a steak dinner, wouldn’t you agree?

Better Preservation

Traditional photo albums simply won’t hold up to the standards mentioned above. If you’re like me and your parents and grandparents have traditional photo albums, what do you notice? For one, the pages and images themselves have yellowed. This is due to the adhesive. Many times the images are destroyed by the glue seeping into the prints. So if you notice this in an album you treasure, make digital copies! You can create a digital album, or reprint those images so they can better stand up against the test of time.

The other issue with traditional photo albums ties right back into the adhesive. It doesn’t last forever, or in most cases, not that long at all! Images tend to fall from where they’ve been placed. I know I’ve caught a few images falling out of an album my grandmother made. After being flipped through, and being moved from house to house, some of the images fell out and are lost forever. With a digitally made album, the images are printed right on the spreads. The only way you’d lose the pictures is if you lost the whole book altogether!

In summary

Your parents are typically one of the most engaged and invested people when it comes to your wedding. They may have offered advice, or to help cover the cost of florals. Either way, they are emotionally impacted by your growing up and beginning the next chapter of your life. Give them a gift that is personal, high quality, and is preserved for future generations. They’ll be touched and excited to show off their parent album. I mean c’mon, parents generally love to brag about their kids. Giving them a gift that lets them do so is surely something they’ll love. 😉

I hope you found this post enjoyable! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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