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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Videographer

I had a great conversation with Matt and Carina from Carina Studios on Tuesday night. They’re super easy to talk to and are a husband and wife team just like Tim and I. (Which we think is pretty cool.) They shed some light on why having a wedding video is uniquely different from wedding photography, and why most couples regret not investing in a videographer for their day. So let’s dive in!

Not Sure if Video is for You?

One of the first things Matt brought up for a bride who is uncertain about hiring a videographer was to view galleries. Seeing galleries, envisioning yourself in those videos, makes all the difference. Generally, after viewing a couple, you’ll immediately want this on your list.

Matt said, “Find a videographer whose style resonates with you. If you don’t feel an emotional connection when watching a wedding video sample, it could be because the style isn’t right. There are plenty of variations in editing styles, so finding one that you can emotionally connect with will increase the value of what you end up receiving.”

Why Couples Regret Not Having a Videographer

Carina explained, “The day goes by so, so fast. You can have these gorgeous moments in photography, but to be able to go back and watch it – hear the vows, hear the words, see their expressions, even the micro-expressions that make up a person – it’s so powerful.”

I’m sure you all are tired of me harping on the fact that the day goes by quickly, but it’s so darn true! We all talked about our own experiences, and they all were the same – everything is a blur and you just can’t remember it all. 

I told Matt and Carina how even the day after our wedding, we were heading off on our honeymoon, and I spoke with Tim about how I couldn’t remember everything that his brother said in his toast. It’s just too much to take in!

…to be able to go back and watch it – hear the vows, hear the words, see their expressions, even the micro-expressions that make up a person – it’s so powerful.”

I also explained to them how Tim and I forewent a videographer. Instead had a friend video our ceremony and the first dances. Not hearing the toasts, not having my family members laughing and chatting and dancing, makes me regret not spending a bit more to have that time capsule.

Carina spoke to this point saying, “As people get older, family members pass away, friendships may fade, but you’ll always have those memories to look back on.”

Matt added, “You only get one shot to even capture these moments. A lot of people end up regretting not having a video later.”

Photography vs Videography

One of the main points I wanted to discuss was the difference between photo and video. I have been given the feeling that some brides feel these two mediums are so closely related, they don’t know why they should invest in both. Here are a few points about those differences.

“Video is something different,” Carina said. “It brings a whole new level of depth. Photos are 2 dimensional, while video is 3 dimensional.”

While you all know I’m crazy about photography, this basic difference has so much impact. Carina also brought up a good point that, “Something a photographer might miss, the videographer can catch. More shooters equals more chances to catch something.” This is not to fault a photographer, it’s just reality. We work hard to catch everything possible, but we simply can’t be everywhere at once. These two mediums together provide variety and excellent coverage.

Matt added, “A missed moment is a missed memory. Without a videographer, you won’t be able to jump back to that moment for the best man’s speech [for example]…you’ll remember bits and pieces, but it’s unique to relive the moment.”

Their Recommendations

Carina and Matt recommend for couples to get coverage for the full ceremony, reception, speeches, and toasts. Those are the ones you’ll want to relive and hear over and over.

If you’re not sure it’s in the budget, ask for it as a gift. If perhaps you already live together, or don’t need homeware, put it on your registry! That way you can preserve the memories instead of adding dishes you don’t need.

To quickly recap, make sure to view several galleries to help you decide if a video is for you (we guarantee it is). Wedding days are an elated blur you’ll want to relive for many, many years, and the best way to do that is via photography AND videography. Having a videographer adds another level of coverage, and one of the easiest ways to afford this is by asking for it as a gift.

I hope these tips have helped you all know what to look for and what to ask. If you have any questions for me, Matt or Carina, please contact us via the links below!

Carina Studios offers Charlotte, NC professional photography and videography with a full-service experience.  Their goal is to help you preserve all of your important memories by turning them into works of art.

Carina and Matt Teleha are a married creative duo who love turning real moments into timeless artwork. She loves painting, Indie rock, pets, palm trees, pizza, and tacos. He loves craft beer, outdoor adventures, spicy food,  making music, and a good TV series.

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